• A thermal survey of electrical appliances and infrastructure, can provide an valuable insight to potential fire-hazards, caused by power overload. In the image (above) of a boiling kettle, it can be seen that whilst the kettle heats up as expected, the cable and plug don’t over-heat.

    A video of the kettle heating up to boiling point isĀ here:



    Overloaded 3-way socket.

    The dangers of using multi-way outlet plug for high-current appliances can be seen above. These sockets are fine for low-power appliances, but plugging in 3 high-power appliances, such as in a kitchen or garage can easily lead to fires. The solution is to fit additional sockets and to spread the load using a balanced ring circuit.

    A thermographic survey of the home’s Consumer Unit ( or fuse-board ) can confirm that there is no over-heating occurring if the family are all using their electrical appliances at the same time. With old-style fuse-boards, the demands of modern living, can sometimes push them over their designed limits, causing fires.

    consumer Unit

    Domestic Consumer Unit

    We offer a FREE home thermographic survey service to all our Customers. Please contact us to arrange yours. We provide a comprehensive report of all observations, with recommendations to addressing any faults or issues found.

    Sample report: