• Ornamental Flame-Effect Porch Light

    8th December 2016 | Blog | David
  • In this article, we outline the steps to install an ornamental flame-effect porch light.

    The lamp features:

    • Flame-effect low-power LED
    • Z-Wave Home-Automation Switch for remote operation

    Most outsides lights start to look tired after about 5 years and this one, is no exception.


    These lamps also feature a Passive InfraRed sensor, which are notoriously sensitive and as this lamp is on the front of the property, sets the lamp on, overtime someone walks past along the pavement.

    We therefore opted for a non-PIR replacement lamp.


    As we were adding a Z-Wave Switch to the lamp, in order that it can be controlled via Mobile Phones or as part of the overall Z-Wave Home automation network, the chosen lamp needed to have enough internal space to attached to Z-Wave switch to.

    The relay was attached and wired into the back-plate of the lamp and then attached and connected to the existing wiring.

    fullsizerender-6 fullsizerender-5

    The fitment was attached and the bulb fitted.


    The lamp was then added to the Z-Wave Network & Fibaro System, so that it is remote-controllable.


    Here is the lamp in dusk conditions.